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New Feature for Agencies – Connect more users to your account (user roles)

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We have now introduced User Roles in ClickAppy for agencies!

This means you can add team members to help you manage the apps that are connected to your account! You can select different roles for the people you add (read more about the user roles here).

All pricing plans in ClickAppy now include the ability to connect more users. To start using this function go to your profile and select the agency tab (you need to be logged in to your ClickAppy account).

The first thing you need to do is to select to be an agency (if you have not done this already) by selecting the “Yes, I’m a part of a company or agency” (see figure 1). Then you will see two new tabs: Agency Information and Agency Logins. Select the Agency Logins to see the users that are already connected and to add additional users.


Figure 1

Connected Users

Now you will be able to see all the users connected to your agency. Admin(s) of the account can add new users, edit users and remove users.

To change a user role, click on the user role for the specific user you want to edit (see figure 2):

Figure 2

Figure 2

Select the role you want the user to have and click the blue check button to save your changes.
To remove a user, just click the red “delete from agency” button next to the user.

Add new users to your agency

To add new users to your agency scroll down to the bottom of the Agency Logins tab. Here you can add a new user. For a user to be added to your agency they will need to have a ClickAppy account (they can create one for free) Then you will need to use the email that is connected to their account to add them. They can find their email by selecting the Info tab under their profile (see figure 3) Their email is located under Personal information.

Figure 3

Figure 3

Once you have their email, enter it in “Email address of the users that you want to add” form field (see figure 4) and select the role that you want the new user to have (read more about different user roles here). When you are finished, press the green “Add user” button and the user will immediately be added to your agency.

Figure 4

Figure 4

Your users can now switch between their personal account and the new agency account in the top right corner of the admin system in ClickAppy (see figure 5). A user can be connected to multiple agencies and they can switch accounts using the drop down menu.

Figure 5

Figure 5

We hope you like this feature and that it will help you and you team use ClickAppy more effectively :)

Happy ClickApping! :)


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