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User roles for agencies

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When you select to be an agency on ClickAppy you have the option to invite more people to to help you run your ClickAppy account (this is available across all of our subscription plans in ClickAppy).

ClickAppy has 3 different user roles that you can select for the users that you’ve added to your agency account:

  1. Admin
  2. Editor
  3. Analyst

Admin: The admin is the person that created the Agency on ClickAppy. This person has full rights to add, change or delete the different users connected to the account and also has full rights to add, edit and delete apps running in the account.

The Editor has full editorial rights to all apps. The only difference compared to the Admin role is that the Editor cannot add, change or delete any of the users connected to the Agency.

Analyst: The Analyst only has rights to view the statistics of the applications running in the account. The Analyst cannot change, view or edit any of the app settings nor can they create or delete any of the apps. The statistics can be viewed in the admin panel for each app.

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