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4th of July Photo Contest App

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We have now added a new Season app that you can use to run your own 4th of July contest; The 4th of July Photo Contest!

4th of July Photo contest

4th of July Photo contest

ClickAppy makes it super easy for you to run your own photo contest on Facebook to celebrate the 4th of July! As usual you can design the application and make it look like your own.

Features in this application:

  • The photo contest is fully adapted for desktop computers and mobile devices and is of course mobile friendly. Photo upload from both desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Voting competition (optional) if you want your users to be able to vote on all the photos in the contest.
  • Sharing functionality on all photos. So your contest can get a viral spread!
  • Toplist (optional). If you want to show your users the photos with most votes.
  • Winner page (optional). If you want to show your users the winning photos in your contest.
  • All photos tab: See all uploaded photos and with the search box you can easily find the ones you are looking for.
  • Profile: Each user gets their own profile, here they can see all uploaded photos and will also have the possibility to delete their uploaded photos if they want to.
  • Rules and prizes: Let your users know what the rules and prizes for your contest are.
  • Settings for how many photos each user can upload and how many votes each user can place on each photo in the contest.
  • Start and end dates are available for your contest if you want to run it during a limited time.
  • Fully translatable to any language! Everything in the application can be translated into your native language.

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